Joint Workshop WP2+3 Rome, 11-12 June 2013

Joint Workshop ESSnet Consistency Work Packages 2 & 3
11 & 12 June 2013, Rome, Italy

On the Way to better Consistency in European Business Statistics

The ESSnet on Consistency is an important part of the MEETS project aiming for the modernisation of European Business and Trade Statistics.

This ESSnet has made an inventory of inconsistencies within the domains of business and trade-related statistics in all Member States and EFTA countries regarding

  • target population, frames, reference period, classifications and their application (Work Package 2) and
  • characteristics and definitions (Work Package 3).


At this workshop, held in Rome, the main results of the inventory, as well as initial ideas on how to minimize the detected inconsistencies were presented by the ESSnet. During the two-day workshop they were discussed with more than 60 experts of business statistics and national accounts from 23 EU, EFTA and candidate countries as well as from Eurostat attending the seminar.

The seminar’s agenda, the presentations given, as well as a summary report on the workshop can be downloaded from the “RELATED DOCUMENTS” section.


The workshop's organisers