On-the-job training


On-the-job training on record linkage or statistical matching

The project will give to the interested NSIs in the ESS the possibility to train people on the job. The methodological area covered by each training on the job will be either record linkage or statistical matching. The NSIs should clearly specify the problem to tackle and the data sets to work with. Training on the job consists of a short course (1 day and a half) and of a guided application of the methods described in the course with the data sets provided by the NSI to be trained (2 days and a half). During the first semester of the project, a call for training on the jobs will be disseminated in the ESS. Information can be found on the leaflet.

Applications sent by April 30 2010 can be found here (updated 7 May 2010)
The list of applications and the decisions on the on-the-job training that will be considered in this ESSnet can be found here (updated 10 June 2010)

On-the-job training on statistical matching (Poznan, 20-22 October 2010)

On-the-job training on record linkage (Southampton, 25-28 January 2011; Riga, 4-7 July 2011)
Programme (Southampton course)
Slides (Southampton course)

Simulated data created by Paula McLeod, Dick Heasman and Ian Forbes, ONS, for the ESSnet DI on-the-job training course, Southampton, 25-28 January 2011

On-the-job training on record linkage (Riga, 4-7 July 2011)
Programme (Riga course)
Slides(Riga course)