Jelke Bethlehem

Jelke Bethlehem is supernumerary professor in survey methodology, in particular web survey methodology, at Leiden University. He studied mathematical statistics at the University of Amsterdam. After obtaining his pre-doctoral degree in 1974, he worked for four years at the Statistical Department of the Mathematical Centre in Amsterdam. His work concentrated on multivariate statistical analysis and development of statistical software. In 1978 he joined the Department for Statistical Methods of Statistics Netherlands. His main research topics were the treatment of nonresponse in sample surveys, in which he obtained his Ph.D., and disclosure control of published survey data. From 1987 to 1996 he was head of the Statistical Informatics Department, a department responsible for the development of software for computer-assisted data collection. This Blaise System is now used by many national statistical institutes in the world. Until recently, he was Senior Methodological Adviser of the Methodology Department of Statistics Netherlands. He was in involved in research projects in the area of survey methodology. Particular research topics were nonresponse and web surveys. He also participated in European research projects. From 1991 to 2011 he was part-time professor in statistical information processing at the Economics faculty of the University of Amsterdam. In 2014, he retired from service at Statistics Netherlands.