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Document date: 
Monday, 20 July, 2015

Name of the Master programme


Master of Science in Economics




Università di Pisa – Department of Economics and Management


Contact person

Prof. Davide Fiaschi

Contact email address


Short description of the Master programme

The Master Program in Economics (curriculum in Official Statistics) offers an advanced training in economics supported by quantitative and statistical tools.

This enhances the abilities of studying and presenting results of the analyses on economic phenomena using official statistical data, having knowledge of the European System of Official Statistics and of data production models and methods in the national and international context.

Web page of the Master programme


Entrance criteria (note of Bachelor degree, language, other)

  • 18 credits in Economics;
  • 9 credits in Statistics;
  • 9 credits in Mathematical Methods in Economics, Actuarial Science and Finance;
  • 45 credits in a wider range of disciplines
  • B2 in the framework of CEFR


2 years

Number of ECTS


Cooperation partner in Official Statistics

ISTAT and at the Italian Ministry of Economic Development


Start date

September 2015