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Name of the Master programme

Economics and Global Markets



Contact person

Prof. Silvia Biffignandi

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Short description of the Master programme

EGM combines a solid training in economics and quantitative techniques with a thorough knowledge of the European and international economic and institutional context.

The course provides strong economic foundations, institutional knowledge as well as statistical and econometric tools.
Students learn how to assess the impact of regulations and institutions governing the functioning of product, labour and financial markets, on the performances of public and private enterprises, as well as on the growth prospects of countries and organizations.

Students are encouraged to develop a critical thinking and the learning environment is open to the contributions of international scholars and students. Internships and stages are encouraged and assisted, both in Italy and abroad.
Teaching activities and small classes favour team-working, relational and argumentative abilities and language skills, which will strengthen the specific economic competences and prepare to high-level professional careers.

A double-degree agreement is active between MD EGM and the M.Sc in European Economics Integration, offered by the University of Trier .

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Entrance criteria (note of Bachelor degree, language, other)

Knowledge of English (B2); a minimum of 48 ECTS in Economics and quantitative subjects.


2 years

Number of ECTS


Cooperation partner in Official Statistics

Istat (agreement in registration process)

Start date

September 2017 (Academic year 2017-2018)