Project description

One core objective of INDI-LINK is to contribute significantly to the further development of the EU SDI set, evaluating the existing SDI set and developing new concepts and methods for the calculation of “best-needed” indicators. The project reviews emerging policy areas and provide recommendations for next steps in SDI development.

The second core objective of INDI-LINK is the assessment of interlinkages between different priorities of the EU SDS. It provides a quantitative analysis of past interlinkages using selected indicators with best-suited assessment methods and tools, putting a particular focus on sensitivity analysis of the results.

The project tests different methods and extends existing simulation models for extending indicator time series through forecasting and provide estimations on future developments of interlinkages. The final objective of INDI-LINK is the presentation of conclusions for future SD policy making and for an effective implementation of the revised EU SDS. INDI-LINK; the project aims to identify most effective combinations of environmental, economic and social policy measures