Implementation of a new definition of the statistical unit "enterprise"

In the frame of the MEETS programme, two ESSnets concluded to the need of changing the current definition of the statistical unit enterprise (Council Regulation (EEC) No 636/93), on which the main part of business statistics in the EU is based.


The ESSnet on consistency proposed the following definition:

"A statistical unit enterprise is an organizational market oriented unit which benefits from sufficient degree of autonomy in decision-making. An enterprise carries out one or more activities at one or more locations. Meaningful data for statistics can be provided for this unit.

The enterprise can correspond to a single legal unit (not controlled by any other legal entity), an enterprise group as a set of legal units under common control, or an autonomous part of an enterprise group."


Moreover, the ESSnet on profiling large and complex multinational enterprise groups proposed a method to delineate the enterprises in the frame of large and complex groups, when they cannot be considered as a single enterprise.

In 2013 a contractor performed analyses on some aspects of the definition order to assess the feasibility of the implementation of this new definition.

Lot 1: Definition of a model to produce business statistics based on new statistical units in case of a whole enterprise group is considered as one enterprise.

Lot 2: Analysis of the impact of the changes in the definition of the statistical unit enterprise on SBS.

The results can be found here.