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Name of the Master programme

Survey Statistics and Data Analytics (Survey statisztika és adatanalitika)


Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE)

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Dr. David SIMON

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Short description of the Master programme

The EMOS programme built on our current master program (MSc in Survey Statistics and Data Analytics). Our programme is 4 semesters long with 120 ECTS. It is organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences with the contribution of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. The goal of our MSc program is to enable our students to understand and use statistical and research methodology related to social science, policy making and market research. We will start a specialization in official statistics that fulfil EMOS learning outcomes. Our master program has a modular system. There are five compulsory modules in our curriculum:

·         Mathematical background

·         Data production

·         Research

·         Programming

·         Data analysis and data science

Our programme includes a compulsory 6 weeks long internship (8 ECTS). The program ends with writing a thesis (8 ECTS) and passing the final exam (state exam). In the specialization in official statistics the master thesis should be preceded by a 12 ECTS research seminar and the thesis should be written on topics agreed by CSO. The internship should be done at Hungarian Central Statistical Office, Education Authority, Hungarian National Bank or at any other foreign statistical office.

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Entrance criteria (note of Bachelor degree, language, other)

The full credit value can be taken into account from the field of social sciences, social studies (BA), sociology (BA), from the field of economics applied economics (BA), economics and finance mathematics analysis (BA), trade and marketing (BA).

Admission to master's degree is subject to state-recognized, at least intermediate level (B2), complex type language exams or equivalent diploma or diploma from English.

For those, who are applying after other BA or BSc in the fields of science, engineering, agriculture, IT, and the further BSc or BA in the field of economics and social sciences:

·         the minimum number of credits required to enter the Master's degree is at least 60 credits based on the previous studies from the following qualifications:

o   social sciences (social and economic theoretical and practical knowledge) at least 30 credits;

o   mathematical statistics and applied statistical knowledge (statistics, linear algebra and analysis, probability calculation, data analysis, social research methodology) at least 30 credits.

·         The admission to the master's degree is subject to the condition that the student has at least 35 credits based on his previous studies. Missing credits must be obtained as defined in the higher education institution's study and examination regulations.


4 semesters

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Cooperation partner in Official Statistics

Hungarian Central Statistical Office

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