Help for Group Administrator

What can a "Group administrator" do?

This will give you i.a. the following privileges (not available to regular members of the CROS user group)

  • manage group membership
    • allow you to add (or remove) users from the group
    • add additional members to the group
    • Grant rights to members by giving them one of the following specific roles :  group administrator,  group publisher, group editor,  group contributor or group member.
  • manage the public image of your group
    • create content in the public domain
    • publish previously private content
    • rearrange the tree structure of your "project book"
    • edit the "project page", i.e. the start page of your project
  • contribute to the portal content
    • publish news in the CROS portal (the most recently published news item will be displayed on the first page of the portal)
    • publish events in the CROS portal calendar (the first of the upcoming events will be displayed on the main page of the portal)

What can a "normal" member do?

In contrast, users with "contributor"privileges, can only contribute to the internal work of the group.

  • access the private pages and documents of the group
  • create private child pages to your project book 
  • contribute to the group discussion forum
  • comment to public and private pages.

Should there only be one administrator member?

There is no limit to the number of administrator members a user group could have. Therefore, if there are several colleagues involved in the active management of your portal, you are encouraged to grant all of them "administrator member" privilege.

See also all the roles you can assign to a member: https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/cros/system/files/member_rights.pdf