Health and wellbeing

Health statistics

A call under Horizon 2020 includes the assessment, by quantitative and qualitative indicators, of the effective interventions taking a ‘health in all’ approach, linking environment, climate and health and allowing informed decisions on multi-sector interventions and related policies.

For details, please refer to the call PHC-04-2015 (Personalising health and care). 

Robust indicators on health and well-being

Currently used measures and indicators of health status and quality of life are inadequate to capture the effect of complex interactions between multiple determinants such as air quality, traffic and congestion, lifestyle, etc. A call includes identification and validation of relevant measures and indicators on health and well-being, Through the use of a validated analytical framework with a robust set of indicators, the ability to model and track the impact of various factors on population health should be improved.

For details, please refer to the call PHC-31-2014 (Personalising health and care).