Guidelines for describing statistical service definitions

Document date: 
Tuesday, 27 March, 2018
Eurostat Enterprise Architecture team and the project “shared SERVices”
DG Eurostat

This document provides guidelines in order to facilitate sharing of statistical services across the members of the European Statistical System (ESS). Producing official statistics is a highly regulated activity as there are international regulations and standards that result in the adoption of similar requirements in statistics’ production in each country. Similar requirements result in analogous challenges and eventually in the development and deployment of similar but not interchangeable solutions by National Statistical Institutes (NSIs). There is a need to conform to international regulation which is further promoted by a trend of decreasing budgets and the ‘digital revolution’ which is changing the operation of governments around the world. In this environment, an opportunity arises to pursue international cooperation by focusing on standardizing statistical production and developing reusable statistical services.

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