Group of Experts

The term of office of the GExp ended on 31 December 2014. The work of these experts will be done in the future by the EMOS Board. Thank you very much too all member of the GExp for the excellent work and collaboration.

The aim of the GExp was to accompany the feasibility study and develop a concrete draft of curricula and labelling rules on the basis of the feasibility study. The GExp also helped to clarify certain details like the governance structure and answered the question of sustainability of the project.

The Mandate of the GExp was:
• Assess the interim and final results of the feasibility study;
• Make qualified proposals with regard to a core curriculum or learning outcomes
as a quality benchmark for the Master programmes eligible for EMOS based on the
results of the feasibility study;
• Assess and validate the labelling mechanism for EMOS as proposed by the
feasibility study;
• Make proposals concerning the internal governing structures of the Network
(legal status, permanent board, committees, working groups) based on the results
of the feasibility study;
• Act as a programme committee for the EMOS International Workshop to take place
in spring 2014;
• Prepare the first call for EMOS qualifications;
• The mandate of the GExp will expire at the end of 2014.