Global Value Chains

Coordinator: Peter Bøegh Nielsen
Statistics Denmark
Phone number:
E-mail: pbn@dst.dk

[lexicon]The overall objective of the ESSnet is to strengthen ESS capacity (conceptually and methodologically) to measure economic globalisation and the globalisation of business and to concretely establish statistical evidence on the increasingly globalised ways of doing business and organisation of the enterprises and the impacts on the possibilities for Europe to create new jobs and sustainable growth. This will enable the policy makers to make better informed decision and to monitor the globalisation/ internationalisation of economies by developing and providing indicators on economic globalisation.[/lexicon]

Dissemination towards the ESS

The project will seek to disseminate and share the results of the work by:

  • organising workshops for ESS countries;
  • provide support to member states for the upcoming GVC survey;
  • provide support for the planned micro data linking action;
  • produce articles on economic globalisation indicators, international sourcing and GVCs, and micro data linking for Statistics Explained;
  • make reports and analyses, including final project report, available to interested parties

Work Packages (WP )

WP1 - Economic globalisation indicators

The objective of this task is to develop indicators on economic globalisation.


  • D1.1 Report on available statistics and feasibility of providing such globalisation indicators data, including test data (August 2012)
  • D1.2 Report containing description of data set structure and contents and supporting guidelines for this (September 2012)
  • D1.3 Report on supplemental indicators, including test data (December 2012)
  • D1.4 Report on experimental micro data linking indicators, including test data and implementation guidelines (January 2013)
  • D1.5 Final, joint assessment report on sets of globalisation indicators (June 2013)

WP2 - Global value chains survey support

The objective of this task is to fine tune the draft questionnaire and support the member states in implementing the methodology to measure and carry out the survey on global value chains and international sourcing.

  • D2.1 Harmonised questionnaire and supporting definitions document (December 2011)
  • D2.2 Methodology survey guidelines (December 2011)
  • D2.3 Data transmission document (March 2012)
  • D2.4 Provide a template to be used for final reporting (May 2012)
  • D2.5 Analysis of web-survey approaches and tools used for GVC survey (June 2013) 
  • D2.6 Final survey report (June 2013)

WP3 - Micro data linking methodology

The objective of this task is to develop methodology on micro data linking covering existing registers such as Structural Business Statistics, Foreign Affiliate Statistics, Foreign trade, Research & Development and Global Value Chains/International Sourcing.

  • D3.1 Preliminary recommendations/input report for economic globalisation indicators work (WP1) (June 2012)
  • D3.2 Draft recommendations report based on development and testing work (August 2012)
  • D3.3 Methodology support guidelines, including harmonised programming and data models description (December 2012) 

WP4 - Linking of inward and outward Foreign Affiliate Statistics with Business registers

The objective of this task is to test possible methods of improving the quality of the Foreign Affiliate Statistics by utilising information available within the European Statistical System related to the population of foreign affiliates.


  • D4.1 Methodology and implementation guidelines (October 2012)
  • D4.2 Report on results, including recommendations and lessons learned (June 2013)

WP5 - Analysis and dissemination

The objective of this task is to carry out and publish analysis based on globalisation indicators, global value chains/international sourcing survey and micro data linking on global value chains/international sourcing project results and disseminate the results and experiences gained from the project to the ESS .


  • D5.1 Workshop (September 2012)
  • D5.2 Workshop proceedings (October 2012)
  • D5.3 Contents description for tabulation program (October 2012)
  • D5.4 Statistics Explained article(s) on globalisation indicators (based on WP1) (August 2013)
  • D5.5 Workshop (November 2013)
  • D5.6 Workshop proceedings (December 2013)
  • D5.7 Statistics Explained article(s) on global value chains and international sourcing survey (December 2013)
  • D5.8 Statistics Explained article(s) on based on the results of the micro data linking (December 2013)

WP6 - Co-ordination

The objectives of this task are: co-ordination, administration and organisation of meetings/seminars/workshops.

  • D6.1 Establishment of Steering Group (September 2011)
  • D6.2 Interim “15 months” project report (December 2012)
  • D6.3 Final report on results and deliverables (December 2013)
  • D6.4  Steering Group meetings (October 2011 – September 2013)
  • D6.5 Quarterly monitoring reports (December 2011 – December 2013)
  • D6.6 Minutes from project task force and Steering Group meetings (October 2011 – December 2013)