Geostat 2

The overall objective of the GEOSTAT 2 project is to foster a better integration of statistics and geospatial information in order for the statistical community to provide more qualified descriptions and analyses of society and environment.
The specific objectives are:

  • To propose a generic model for national (point based) geospatial reference frameworks for statistics, building on national address, buildings and./or dwelling registers. The reference framework should be suitable for statistics in the widest possible sense.
  • To promote and consolidate the existing body of knowledge on spatial statistics in the ESS. This encompasses structuring and formatting and transferring existing information into a Wiki on spatial statistics.
  • Support the EFGS in its networking, information sharing and capacity building efforts.
  • Disseminate and share the results from the GEOSTAT projects among NSIs.
  • Promote the application of spatial statistics and the integration of geospatial information into the statistical production chain, within the framework of the Generic Statistical Business Process Modell.
  • Better involve NMCAs or other geospatial stakeholders in charge of geocoded registers into the network of the EFGS.
  • Actively feed into the work on the integration of statistics and geospatial information in the framework of UN-GGIM.
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