FR - Ensai and Université de Rennes 1

Document date: 
Monday, 20 July, 2015

Name of the Master programme

Master de Statistique-Econométrie, spécialité Statistique Publique


Ensai and Université de Rennes 1

Contact person

François Coquet or Catherine Benjamin

Contact email address

fcoquet@ensai.fr or Catherine.Benjamin@univ-rennes1.fr

Short description of the Master programme

The aim of this programme is to address the increasing demand in statistical expertise in order to enlighten public decision-making.

As a general rule, graduates of this Master’s are prepared for scientific and technical jobs centered on statistical methodology, economic and social information systems linked to public statistics.

This programme primarily addresses the needs of public services, national and regional administrations. The INSEE, but also main government ministries (economy, agriculture, sustainable development, public health and social action, etc.), public institutions (such as social security offices), consular institutions, and local public agencies may need the skills of our graduates. They may also apply for positions in European or International agencies such as Eurostat, IMF, OCDE, and the World Bank.

Moreover, public decision-makers are bound to procure advice from corporate consultants specialized in public decision-making, consultancies susceptible to hiring students having completed this Master of Public Statistics.

Web page of the Master programme


Entrance criteria (note of Bachelor degree, language, other)

1 year completed at Ensai’s civil servant cursus, or note of Bachelor degree


2 years

Number of ECTS


Cooperation partner in Official Statistics


Start date

Fall 2015 (as an Emos labelled programme)