FP5 projects

ASSO – Analysis System of Symbolic Official data

BEEP – Best e-Europe Practices

BISER – Benchmarking the Information Society: e-Europe Indicators for European Regions

BUSY – Tools and Methods for Business Cycle Analysis

CASC – Computational Aspects of Statistical Confidentiality 

CHINTEX – Harmonisation of panel surveys, analysis of panel effects

CLAMOUR – Improving the quality of classification systems, automated coding

CODACMOS – Cluster of Data Collection Integration & Metadata Systems for Official Statistics  

COSMOS – Cluster Of Systems of Metadata for Official Statistics

DACSEIS – Variance estimation methods, best practices

DIASTASIS – Digital Era Statistical Indicators

DIECOFIS – Development of a System of Indicators on Economic COmpetitiveness and FIScal Impact on Enterprise Performance

EICSTES - European Indicators, Cyberspace and the Science-Technology-Economy System

ESIS – European Satisfaction Index System

EURAREA – Small area estimation, assessing standard estimators, enhancing

EUREDIT - Development and Evaluation of New Methods for Editing and Imputation

EUROKY-PIA – Developing European Knowledge for Policy Impact Analysis

FASTER – Flexible Access to Statistics, Tables and Electronic Resources

FLASH – Flash Estimates of Quarterly National Accounts

INSPECTOR – Quality in the statistical information life-cycle

IPIS – Integration of Public Information Systems and Statistical Services

IQML – Software Suite and Extended Mark-up Language (XML) Standard for Intelligent Questionnaires
METANET – Network of Excellence for harmonising and synthesising the development of statistical Metadata

MISSION – Multi-Agent Integration Of Shared Statistical Information Over The (Inter)Net

MOSUS – Modelling Opportunities and Limits for Restructuring Europe towards Sustainability

NEWKIND – Knowledge-related indicators of economic activity 

OPUS – Optimising the Use of Partial Information in Urban and Regional Systems

SIBIS – Statistical Indicators Benchmarking the Information Society

SPIN! – Spatial Mining for Data of Public Interest

STATLAS – Statistical Atlas of the European Union

STILE – Statistics and indicators on the labour market in the e-economy

WEBSM – Web Survey Methodologies