Financing projects


Decision tree for selection of the funding mechanism.
The first element to evaluate is the adequacy of the proposals towards the ESSnet eligibility criteria.

If the proposal represents an action clearly defined as a project and with a duration of less than 2 years, the traditional grants mechanisms should apply through Multi-beneficiary contracts.

If on the contrary, the action has some objectives whose milestones will have to be re-defined in the successive execution steps or the duration is longer than 2 years, then the use of a Framework Partnership Agreement would be the appropriate approach.


A priori, the proposed co-financing is 70% for the Commission, 30% for the partners. This is in line with the grant policy of Eurostat and also with the character of ESSnet projects of producing results for and to the benefit of the ESS and not only for Eurostat.

In very specific cases, and according to Eurostat Grant Policy, the percentage of co-financing can be modified. This should also be clearly specified in the Financing Decision.