Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Members of the ESSnet ValiDat Integration are very involved with the international developments in the area of statistics. On this page, we will report on our ESSnet-related activities outside of our normal work for the ESSnet itself.

UNECE Work Session on Statistical Data Editing (SDE) 2017

The ESSnet ValiDat Integration was represented at SDE 2017 with two talks: one about the proof-of-concept VTL translator and one about the ESSnet itself. Two additional talks touched on subjects closely related to the ESSnet’s topic.

  • Vincent Tronet and Luca Gramaglia (Eurostat): The modernisation of validation in the ESS - a multidimensional approach
  • Marek Panfiłow (GUS): Technical aspects of VTL to SQL translation
  • Lucas Quensel-von Kalben (Destatis): Validation, Shared Services and Enterprise Architecture: How it fits
  • Volker Weichert (Destatis): The ESSnet Validat Integration

The papers and the corresponding presentations of these and many more interesting talks can be accessed on the UNECE Wiki.

IPA training course on data validation

On the 18th and 19th of May 2017, the first IPA training course on data validation took place at Eurostat in Luxembourg. A representative of the ESSnet ValiDat Integration was invited as an expert to present the current state of the ESSnet’s work, give a national perspective on the data validation process and hold a training session for the representatives of five IPA countries.

The presentations on the ESSnet ValiDat Integration, the national validation system of Germany and ideas for the implementation of the three scenarios into Germany's validation system can be found below.

UNECE workshop "CSPA for Digital Transformation"

The second UNECE CSPA workshop titled “CSPA for Digital Transformation” took place at Wiesbaden at the beginning of July 2017. The topic is closely related to the ESSnet’s work and we were again present and represented with a talk.

  • Volker Weichert (Destatis): A different angle: Validation as a Business Case for CSPA/SERV

The presentations of this and all other talks at this workshop can be accessed on the UNECE Wiki.

Workshop of the ESSnet Sharing Common Functionalities in the ESS

The SCFE workshop directly followed the UNECE CSPA workshop, and also took place in Wiesbaden. The topic is a natural continuation of the CSPA workshop’s, so this was another chance to present our intermediate results to the ESS.

  • Sónia Quaresma (INE): StatWars

The presentations will soon be available on their CROS portal site.