Expert Group on Standardisation

[no-lexicon]The Expert Group is responsible for the preparation of European Statistical System (ESS) standards for adoption by the ESSC (via the WG on Standards and the DIME/ITDG) in line with the process of standardisation and the standardisation principles as agreed by the ESSC (ESSC 2015/26/07/EN), thus contributing to the modernisation of the ESS.[/no-lexicon]

The Group:

  • Verifies the due procedure, notably the consensus, before adoption of Standards by the ESSC;
  • Maintains the portfolio of ongoing standardisation activities;
  • Provides guidance and templates to developers of standards;
  • Establishes and reviews the catalogue of adopted standards;
  • Promotes the implementation of standards;
  • Facilitates the capacity building and knowledge management in the areas under its responsibility.
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