European Statistical Tranings Programme (ESTP)

The purpose of the European Statistical Training Programme (ESTP) is to provide European statisticians the opportunity to participate in international training courses, workshops and seminars at postgraduate level.

Courses under the ESTP have a truly international dimension to meet the challenges of comparable statistics at European and international level. Courses focus on harmonised European concepts and legislation, as well as the implementation practices at national level.

Please see for more Information: http://epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu/portal/page/portal/pgp_ess/about_ess/estp

The slides of most of the ESTP courses are accessible on CIRCABC. If you have access to CIRCABC please see:

If you are not user of CIRCABC currently, please use the following link: https://circabc.europa.eu/

The description below will help you to generate a user name and a password to CIRCABC.