ESSnet ValiDat Integration

[no-lexicon]The ESSnet ValiDat Integration examines different ways to implement a common infrastructure for data validation in the ESS. Our work includes theoretical groundwork, data structures and languages and their integration into the data validation subprocess of statistical production. We also look at the architecture and interoperability of distributed data validation in the ESS.

The ESSnet ValiDat Integration builds on the results of the previous ESSnet ValiDat Foundation.

Work Package 1 focuses on extending the Methodological Handbook, a result from ValiDat Foundation.

Work Package 2 aims to design generic machine-readable validation report structures that support easy translation into human-readable versions.

Work Package 3 evaluates the three scenarios of service integration laid out in Eurostat's Business Architecture for Data Validation in the ESS and develops a proof-of-concept implementation of a translator from VTL to another validation language.

Work Package 4 includes the organization of four regional conferences on the results of the ESSnet in late 2017 and early 2018.


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