ESSnet on SDC

Coordinator: Anco Hundepool
Statistics Netherlands
E-mail: ahnl@cbs.nl

Main objectives: This project was focused  on the promotion of the results achieved so far rather than the development of new technologies. A key aim of the project was to make SDC tools more easily applicable and to assist NSIs by raising the level of knowledge and skills to a higher level.

This was achieved by extending the CENEX -handbook on SDC , by extending the tools with respect to practical usability and by training for the countries who have not achieved a reasonable level in this field.


Task 1. Dissemination of CENEX results
Task 2. Making SDC -tools better usable by NSIs
Task 3. Output checking
Task 4. Communication; Web and FAQ
Task 5. Improvement of software for micro data
Task 6. Improvement of software for tabular data
Task 7. Synthetic data files
Task 8. Analysis of problems on linked tables