[no-lexicon]Update and further advance the methodology for ICT impact analysis developed in the Feasibility Study (grant no.49102.2005.017-2006.128) to include additional data and datasets for an enlarged set of countries. Harmonisation of the methodology is primordial.[/no-lexicon]

  • Study the possibilities and willingness in the participating countries to redesign their survey strategy covering the datasets planned to be used in this project in such a way that it takes into account not only the individual surveys and constraints like the response burden but also the successful exploitation of linked micro-data for impact analysis. Document results of this study including a cost/benefit analysis as well as a roadmap for the migration towards such a redesigned strategy.

Working packages:

WP1: Management

The objective of WP1 is to carry out efficient and effective management of the Action.

WP2: Metadata review

The objective of WP2 is to revise, update and extend the metadata repository documenting the source data used in the ICT impact analysis.

WP3: Survey strategy feasibility study

The objectives of WP3 are:

- to carry out a feasibility study on redesign of national survey strategies, including a study of the existing practices.

- to present strategies for improving data representativeness including their cost-benefit analysis. The study will cover linked datasets provided by the participating NSIs.

WP4: Impact analysis

The objective of WP4 is to analyse the impact of ICT use on enterprise performance using common analytical tools and report on the results; "use" here includes - among others - the use of e-business processes and the exploitation of е-skills; analyse also the role of ICT in helping (process) innovation and in the management of intangibles; the importance of producing harmonised results on EU level is stressed.

WP5: Dissemination towards ESS

The objective of WP5 is to report effectively and in a timely fashion towards the European Statistical System on the methodology, progress and results of the project.

WP6: Setting up the rules and conditions of dissemination of detailed results to a wider public

The objective of WP6 is to provide a safe and secure technical infrastructure for storage and retrieval of work in progress and project datasets prior to the results of the project being made available to the wider community and to Eurostat.

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