ESP Rome 2014

Consultation on the extension of the European statistical programme 2013-17 up to 2020

A "World Statistics Café" was organised on 25 November 2014 to gather the viewpoints of users, methodologists and producers of European statistics on the extension of the European statistical programme.

Short reports on the discussions are available  in this space and additional comments may be provided by 15 February 2015.

This event took place in the context of the Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders held in Rome.

The European statistical programme includes 9 main areas that were discussed in parallel in 9 different tables: Indicators,  Accounting frameworks, Business and global economy, Social statistics, Geospatial, Environmental, Agricultural and sectoral statistics, Multipurpose statistics and efficiency gains in production, dissemination, Quality, Training, Innovation and  research and Partnership.

This space contains 9 areas (see navigation on the left). In each area,  3 general questions were discussed and the summary of the disucssion is attached.  

The navigation on the right "related documents" also contains four background documents on:

  • “Main characteristics of the European Statistical Programmes”, including objectives and statistical outputs, together with financial aspects and legislative framework.
  • “Regulation of the European Statistical Programme 2013-2017”, as adopted by  the European Parliament and the Council in 2013;
  •  “Extension of the European statistical programme 2013-17 – Roadmap”, explaining the context of the extensions of the ESP and the timeline.
  • "ESS Vision 2020":  a strategic document elaborated by the European Statistical System in 2013-14



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