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Name of the Master programme

Master in Official Statistics and Social and Economic Indicators


Complutense University of Madrid (Spain)

Contact person

Alba M. Franco Pereira

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Short description of the Master programme

Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) has launched a new master's degree designed to meet the requirements of EMOS program. The Master in Official Statistics and Social and Economic Indicators (UCM) will train students with a degree on social sciences, mathematics, statistics, computer sciences and others to work from a multidisciplinary perspective with official data for local, national or European institutions. Seventeen departments of eight faculties of UCM will be involved in this master. These Faculties are: Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of Statistics, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Sociology, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Geography and Faculty of Psychology.

This master’s programme aims to provide training for all those seeking to engage in professional activities linked to the analysis and/or evaluation of data for local, regional, national or supranational administrations and organisations. In order to achieve this, students will undertake an in-depth analysis of statistical techniques and procedures and become highly skilled in the evaluation of social, legal, demographic and economic issues. In short, the aim of the programme is to produce technically skilled statistics professionals who are capable of using official data to interpret the challenges faced by society in the 21st century.

The curriculum is organized into seven modules. Under these modules, students will make empirical and statistical courses on the following topics: Survey Methodology, Government and Public Finances, Demography, Price and other economic Statistics, Econometrics, Econometrics of Time Series and Panel Data, Multivariate Statistics, Spatial Statistics, Statistical Computing (semi-elective courses). Students also will conduct empirical and statistical courses on big data, open data and cloud data, methods and computer database management, stochastic simulation, statistical analysis of social networks, sampling, etc. The master includes the EMOS module with all courses recommended by the EMOS program. Similarly, in the context of elective courses, students will study in depth the legal, regulatory and institutional framework of official statistics. Students have to necessarily make an internship at the National Institute of Statistics of Spain and a Master's Thesis that will be evaluated by representatives of this institution and the UCM.


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Entrance criteria (note of Bachelor degree, language, other)

Bachelor degree in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Social Science (Political Science, Sociology, Demography, etc.).

Candidates have to demonstrate an advanced level of English language.


Two years

Number of ECTS


Cooperation partner in Official Statistics

National Statistics Institute (Spain)

Start date

September, 2016