Engaging with external stakeholders


External users of data analytics may come from many different stakeholder groups (policymakers, policy analysts, NGOs, journalists, researchers etc.) Moreover, requests for data analytics may arrive at a central contact point of a statistical institute, or directly at the entity concerned. This raises the question on how to assure an equitable treatment of stakeholders, and a sound use of resources.

At this daWos session, we will discuss the risks and opportunities associated with this trend.

Questions that could be addressed include

  • Describe any collaborative/shared/distributed development with external partners: advantages, opportunities, drawbacks, issues and/or quick wins. 
  • What is the impact of the user dimension: customer vs. policymaker vs. citizens vs. press?
  • Beyond communication of statistical products (e.g., data visualisation), what are the preferred ways to truly involve users? Can the dissemination of experimental statistics help further engaging with external users with data or collecting information from stakeholders?​
  • Should statistical institutes actively pursue the marketing of its data analytics capabilities, letting data analytics services become part of their revenue stream? 
  • When engaging external stakeholders in a data analytics project, how can the impartiality of the decision-making process be ensured?
  • Is there any reputational risk associated with conducting data analytics? Is it outweighed by the opportunites.