Third call for applications is open until 30 June 2018

We are pleased to invite applications from universities in the EU Member States, EFTA and EU candidate countries to join the 23 already EMOS labelled Master programmes in 15 countries. EMOS builds on nationally accredited Master programmes which deliver upon the EMOS learning outcomes. The programmes also collaborate actively with the National Statistical Institutes or other producers of official statistics for relevant master thesis topics and internships in the sphere of official statistics. The third call for applications is based on the learning outcomes used in the second call in 2015 to familiarise the graduates with the system of official statistics, production models, statistical methods and dissemination. However, the third call emphasises the importance of addressing the rapidly changing landscape from design based production of official statistics to integrating different kinds of data sources.

Eligible universities are invited to submit their applications complete with accompanying documents as described in the EMOS call text, guide for applicants and application form until 30 June 2018.

Call text  Guide for applicants  Application form

Registration open for next four EMOS webinars March-April

The 2018 EMOS webinar progamme covers 12 sessions of 60 minutes each and will be running roughly twice a month on Wednesdays 16:15–17:30 CET from January to June 2018. The webinars will offer a variety of topics with speakers from Eurostat, EMOS Master programmes, National Statistical Institutes as well as Central Banks. Registration to the following sessions are now open:

21 March 2018: Big data methods and techniques

4 April 2018:  How to integrate information from different data files? An introduction to statistical matching

11 April 2018 Introduction to statistical data editing

18 April 2018: From books to social media, from general public to specific user groups

You can check the content and register for these webinars at: http://konference.ef.uni-lj.si/emos/webinars/ where you will also find the recordings of the previous webinars.


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