EMOS 4 Students

2021 Master thesis winners

EMOS Award Session
recording 10 min presentation videos are included in the 1 h session

Complutense University of Madrid: Ms Sarah Bohnensteffen
Selective Data Editing of Continuous Variables with Random Forests in Official Statistics

LMU München: Mr Dominik Kreiss
Examining Undecided Voters in Multiparty Systems - An Approach with Discrete Choice Models under Ontic Imprecision”

University of Bamberg: Mr Jannik Schaller
Data Fusion of EU-SILC and HBS: Comparing Random Hot-Deck against Predictive Mean Matching within a Simulation Study


Spotlight sessions

Rennes 1 University/ENSAI: Ms Chloé Lallemand
Assessment of causal impact of reforms of the French pension system on private sectors wage earners
presentation video + Q&A session 

Rennes 1 University/ENSAI: Ms Suzanne Scott
“Enhancing seasonal adjustment using X13-ARIMA-SEATS : the case of production in the French quarterly accounts
presentation video + Q&A session 


Our EMOS students presented their winning master thesis at the 2019 NTTS Conference in Brussels (March 2019)

The Master thesis competition for EMOS graduates was organised for the first time to highlight official statistics as a research topic and put forward young talents with innovative contributions. The Board had the difficult task to select five authors to feature their thesis in the New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics (NTTS) Conference with travel and accommodation covered by Eurostat. The NTTS conference, with some 800 participants this year, is one of the world’s largest official statistics research conference series.

EMOS authors had their work displayed in the poster session and three theses were presented in a dedicated award ceremony session on 13 March 2019:

University of Trier: Julia Manecke
Regional analysis of business survey: methods and applications in the context of Small Area Statistics 

University of Rome "La Sapienza": Giovanna Tagliaferri
VAT Tax gap prediction: a 2-steps gradient boosting approach 

KU Leuven (University of Leuven): Nhu Tho Ngyen
Estimation of measurement errors in social survey

University of Rennes: Noémie Morenillas
Modelling enterprises responses to the ICT (Information Communication Technology) survey 

Free University Berlin: Kerstin Erfurth
Application and quality assessment of simulated geo-coordinates for regional analysis of the parliamentary elections to the Bundestag 2017