EIGE Administrative Data Violence


Currently, internationally comparable data on most types of violence against women do not exist. The existing data (based on administrative data in Member States) suffer from a series of problems (such as differences in the legal and operational definitions of the crimes and the methodologies used in recording their incidence), which render comparisons between countries impossible.

To improve European-wide data comparability, EIGE has developed a definition of femicide, rape and intimate partner violence (IPV) for statistical purposes, with corresponding indicators.  Since the development of the 13 indicators, EIGE has focused its work on supporting MS in collecting administrative data on these forms of violence. To this end, EIGE analysed the process of administrative data collection on IPV in each Member State and developed country specific recommendations for each MS on how to improve the availability of necessary data from the police and justice sector. In 2019, EIGE has published a report on the main results and conclusions from this assessment. EIGE's commitment to administrative data collection is illustrated by the establishment of EIGE's Gender Statistics Database. The database provides EU-wide, comparable and reliable gender statistics.

Currently, EIGE has entrusted GOPA a service contract to carry out applied research towards improved data collection on intimate partner violence and femicide. This study aims to support EU MS in their efforts to collect administrative data on intimate partner violence and gender-related killings of women and girls (femicide). The focus of the study is to work towards better comparability and uniformity in the collection of administrative data at the EU level. This will be done by promoting the use of the indicators developed by EIGE and strengthening stakeholder engagement with the police sector to implement the recommendations on improving data availability.