Coordinator: enrica morganti

Summary results of action period 2010-2012

During the last action period lasting 24 months from June 2010 to June 2012, the ESSnet concentrated on the overall revision of the EGR business model in order to develop an improved approach, taking into account the results achieved during the first two EGR cycles, the feedbacks coming from the Member States and EFTA countries, the experience gained and the deficiencies emerged. A new and improved version of the EGR (the version 2.0) was proposed to the Steering Group with an implementation plan. The business process of EGR version 2.0 was conceptually developed, most of the business use cases were re-designed, the new logical data model created for the target area. To serve the FATS users it was created a user interface to consult and retrieve EGR final frames and proposals on how users could use EGR frames in a coordinated way were made. A feasibility study was carried out to propose a model estimation for employment data of foreign affiliates outside EU from the input commercial sources of EGR , in order to serve Outward FATS statisticians. Dissemination of the EGR to the ESS improved by launching a EGR web site providing general information to the public on the EGR project and specific information to the statistical users. The user interface was integrate into the EGR web site that will function as a single entry point for the users. The development of integration plans into the national production processes requires a stringer involvement of all stakeholders (National Accounts, SBS , STS ) in addition to FATS and FDI , the ESSnet created several occasions to involve stakeholders but the process is still ongoing. The adoption of EGR in the production processes will depend very much on its quality improvement over the next years and on the other hand the involvement of users is crucial to improve its quality. Finally, new statistical concepts have been proposed by the ESSnet on International Profiling that cannot be immediately implemented into the EGR , as it needs to contain the statistical units currently required by the ESS legislation and in use in the statistical processes. Nevertheless the ESSnet EGR coordinated its activities with the ESSnet on International Profiling and with the ESSnet on Consistency in order to be on track with future innovations in the ESS legal framework.