Summary results of action period 2009-2010

During the second action period, running 12 months from June 2009 to June 2010, the ESSnet continued supporting Eurostat in the data exchanges between the National Business Registers and the central EGR system and started to develop the data quality management. Also, the ESSnet analyzed the first results available from the first EGR cycle in order to improve the methodology. As a result of the lessons learned, new functionalities were added to the EGR system. The ESSnet supported Eurostat in the development of common models to be adopted by Member States for the integration of the EGR process with their national systems. Data quality management defined some proposals for the continuation and sustainability of the project. The First EGR cycle terminated on April 2009 with the release of the first coordinated EGR final frame reference year 2008. Population covered the largest 5000 European Multinational enterprise groups. On January 2010 started the second EGR cycle and in June 2010 the first part of it was concluded. Dissemination of the results was extended to the main users (FATS and FDI).

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