EGR Objectives

To realize the EGR project during the four year period, the ESSnet has the following general objectives:



Statement of the objective



The development and maintenance of the process model (Business Use Case Model), data model, functional requirements (description of use cases, specifications of functional requirements) and the methodology for the central EuroGroups Register (EGR) on the basis of accepted user needs.


The EGR will be developed in phases on the basis of the analysis of the user needs. This action contains the further development and the maintenance of the complete methodology of the EGR including the development and maintenance of the methodological specifications for the EGR application and database. Also input has to be produced for Business Registers Recommendations Manual.


The development of a process and organisational model for the workflow in the network of EuroGroups Registers


The creation of a network of EGRs is complex. A critical success factor is a high quality data management system and of data exchange between Eurostat and the National Statistical Authorities. This requires standardisation of processes, (meta) data and communication.

Processes relating to the workflow have to be defined. The entire network has to be organised and managed.


Analysis of data quality


The EGR application offers functionality to define for each Member State preference and priority rules used in the process of data integration in the central EGR system. For this purpose, analysis of the quality of the sources has to be carried out.


Development of a maintenance strategy for the EGR


Quality analysis, user needs and cost/benefit analysis should provide the basis for the development and continuous update of the maintenance strategy of the EGR

Part of this strategy is the use of article 6 of the Business Register regulation. A study should be carried out on how to use this instrument. Cost/benefit analyses regarding quality measures have to be carried out.


Development of a data acquisition strategy


In parallel with the development of a maintenance strategy and the data processing, a strategy for future data acquisition has to be developed. This strategy defines which data from which source should be acquired when and with which frequency and quality. This strategy should be evolved using the operational experiences, information on the quality of the data and up-to-date information on user needs.  


Development of models/plans/support for the integration of the EGR in the statistical production processes


The use of the EGR as a coordinated population framework is the end goal. For this reason the EGR has to be integrated with the statistical production processes.

To achieve a uniform use of the EGR models have to be developed.

Also the use of the EGR should be actively promoted and be supported. Therefore strategies and plans have to be developed. Integration actions should be supported.