Dr. Bo Sundgren


Bo Sundgren was born in Sweden in 1946. He received a PhD in Information Management from Stockholm University in 1973. His doctoral thesis, An Infological Approach to Data Bases, introduced the OPR(t) methodology for conceptual modelling of reality and information about reality, as well as the metadata concept, and a methodology for modelling aggregated statistical data by means of multidimensional hypercubes, the alfa-beta-gamma-tau methodology.
In 1979 Bo Sundgren was appointed professor of information management at the University of Uppsala, where he served until 1982, when he became professor at Linköping University. Between 1987 and 2003 he was professor of information management at Stockholm School of Economics, and then he was offered a position as professor of informatics at Mid Sweden University, Department of Information Technology and Media, where he organized research on e-government, e-services, and public information systems. In 2005 he started an open access electronic journal, the International Journal of Public Information Systems (IJPIS). 2009-2014 Bo Sundgren was guest professor at Stockholm University,Department of Computer and Systems Sciences. Since 2010 he is also guest professor at Dalarna University, and 2011-2015 he served as mentor and senior advisor to the Statistics Department at Stockholm University.
In parallel with his academic career, Bo Sundgren has been employed by Statistics Sweden (1968-2009), where he has served as systems developer, leader of research and development projects, head of the IT Department, and senior advisor to the Director General, a position he had when he retired from Statistics Sweden in 2009.
Over the years, Bo Sundgren has performed a large number of consultancies, both for international organisations and in advanced and less developed countries. 

Links to Bo Sundgren’s website, http://sites.google.com/site/bosundgren/, and to his publications: http://sites.google.com/site/bosundgren/my-life