Project description

DECOIN has three main objectives:

  • to find out the most promising ways to develop methodologies and data quality of best-needed sustainable development indicators;
  • to evaluate existing methods and analytical frameworks in order to assess the progress towards sustainable development, to elaborate forecasts and scenarios, and to identify inter-relationships between unsustainable trends in the EU, and;
  • to carry out a analysis on the inter-relationships between selected unsustainable trends.

Existing indicator frameworks, large-scale one-dimensional frameworks and scenarios of unsustainable trends are evaluated from the perspective of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy. are also evaluated.

A detailed analysis of the inter-relationships of the development processes related to the unsustainable trends, their synergies and trade-offs, is carried out by utilizing analytical frameworks such as Advanced Sustainability Analysis (ASA), Sustainability Multicriteria Multiscale Assessment (SUMMA) and Multi-Scale Integrated Analysis of Societal and Ecosystem Metabolism (MSIASEM). Based on the analyses an integrated tool will be constructed for assessment of interlinkages and for forecasting.