Data Integration

Main Objectives: The field of integration is in continuous development. Challenging problems need to be tackled from the methodological point of view to assess the accuracy of integration methods and to ensure the usability of the integrated data set.

  • ESSnet DI focuses on methodologies for data integration (Record Linkage, Statistical Matching, Micro integration Processing) and on statistical aspects to be considered to make those methods concretely applicable by NSIs.

Main milestones: 

  • ESSnet – DI course: (Rome): month 21
  • ESSnet – DI workshop (Madrid): month 23
  • 58th ISI session (Dublin), August 2011

 Dissemination actions towards the ESS:

  • Course on DI: Roma, 28-30 September 2011
    A three-day course covering the three areas of data integration has been given by researchers from ISTAT and CBS. The course has been followed by 24 people from 13 countries, Eurostat and ECB. Course material can be found here.
  • Workshop on DI: Madrid, 24-25 November 2011
    To be organised at the end of the project, it will include speakers in the area of DI from both NSIs and academic world. It will be also open to researchers in different areas which could include problems/solutions in the area of data integration. The aim of the workshop is twofold:
    • Dissemination of the ESSnet DI results and discussion on reports and results obtained;
    • Presentation by 5 invited speakers (William E. Winkler, Elzbieta Golata, Manuela Lenk, Brunero Liseo, Pier Luigi Conti) and 15 researchers in the ESS on methods/results in the area of DI.
    • program available on the workshop website: http://www.ine.es/e/essnetdi_ws2011.html
  • Training on the job
    • The project will give the possibility to interested NSI to train officials on the job. Areas covered are record linkage and statistical matching. A "call for training on the job" has been launched in the ESS in March 2010. Interested countries have to clearly specify the problem they have to tackle and the data set to work with.
  • Other aspects
    • The project activities will facilitate the development of a community of statisticians and experts fostering the exchange of knowledge.

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