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[no-lexicon]The ESSnet Data Collection in Social Surveys has been initiated by Eurostat based on the fact that several NSIs have started projects to develop web-based data collection for social surveys. Eurostat’s vision is to support early collaboration between countries.[/no-lexicon]

Apart from facilitating the introduction of web-based data collection for social surveys, the project second task will be research and recommendations on mixed mode data collection in social surveys. The exchange of experience and knowledge, sharing tools and identifying best practices are of major interest. The ESSnet is shared by a consortium of several countries: Partners are Statistical Offices of the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Finland, Norway and Germany. Three NSIs are acting as support-group-members: Denmark, Sweden and Italy. Destatis (Germany) acts as co-ordinator. Two external consultants are also involved in the project. The duration of the project is two years. A final public workshop on the results of the project is scheduled at the end of 2014.


The LFS will be used to analyse challenges and potential pitfalls. However, the project should also deliver results that will be applicable to the system of social statistics and to official statistics as a whole.


At the beginning of the project a “Query on Data Collection in Social Surveys” will be launched in order to provide data on common practice in the European Statistical System and some overseas countries. First results of the query should be available by autumn 2013 and disseminated by the Cros-Portal. During the project, five qualitative pretests on CAWI instruments for LFS will be conducted by the different partners. Additionally, within the scope of mixed-mode data collection design, each partner will perform research on the organisation of mixed mode data collection, case-management, measurement issues (e.g. mode effects), data processing, and estimation by implementing mixed-mode surveys.


The project not only aims at offering guidance, but also investigates possible opportunities for sharing tools and knowledge, and identifying areas for common development. Moreover, it is of common interest for ESS to provide recommendations for web questionnaires and the survey design for implementing mixed-mode data collection. Since follow-up projects might be required in some areas, the project also serves to identify potential further actions.



Work packages:

WP I :  Management

WP II: Web Data Collection

WP III: Mixed Mode Data Collection

WP IV: Dissemination

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