Course (Roma, September 2011)

Course (Roma, 28-30 September 2011)

A course has been held in Rome (28-30 September 2011). There were 24 students representing 16 institutions: 12 EU-NSI, 2 candidate countries NSI, two representing respectively Eurostat and the European Central Bank.  It covered the areas of record linkage (first day), statistical matching (second day) and micro integration processing (third day).
Each day was composed of three modules:

  • description of methods;
  • description of applications;
  • description of software tools (for record linkage and statistical matching).

The trainers were:

  • Marcello D'Orazio, Marco Di Zio and Mauro Scanu (Istat) for statistical matching
  • Nicoletta Cibella, Monica Scannapieco and Mauro Scanu (Istat) for record linkage
  • Eric Schulte Nordholt (CBS) for micro integration


Slides and course material

Suggested readings:

  • Chapter 3 of the ESSnet on ISAD WP1 deliverable: Literature review on micro integration processing
  • D’Orazio M., Di Zio M., Scanu M. (2002). “Statistical matching and official statistics”, Rivista di Statistica Ufficiale, 1/2002, 5-24
  • Ivan P. Fellegi (1997) Record Linkage and Public Policy – A Dynamic Evolution. In "Record linkage techniques 1997 - Proceedings of an international workshop and exhibition". Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology