Main Objectives: Support the development and maintenance of statistical Information Technology tools for use by NSIs and other national authorities, within the general framework of a common reference architecture for the data life cycle at national level.

And using appropriate common open standards and guidelines such as SDMX.

Main milestones: 

  • MS1.1 Kick off meeting (Month M1)
  • MS1.2 WP leaders meeting (Month M3)
  • MS1.3 Intermediate Meeting (Month M6)
  • MS1.4 Final Meeting (Month M10)
  • MS2.1 Requirements and State-of-the-art (Month M6)
  • MS3.1 Layers and Interface of CORA (Month M8)
  • MS3.2 Usage of CORA (Month 10)
  • MS4.1 Design of Organisational architecture (Month 10)
  • MS5.1 Final Report (Month M10)

Dissemination actions towards the ESS:

  • The set-up of a CORA web site (OSOR)
  • The set-up of a CORA Wiki: the project will have a wiki that will allow each partner to add contents or to modify text already inserted from other partners. The wiki will make possible to share and to write collectively documents;
  • The presentation of CORA results at international meetings
  • Presentation of CORA at NTTS2011
  • The report to the ITDG.


  • Kick-off Meeting Luxembourg, October 19th-20th 2009
  • WP Leaders Meeting The Hague, January 26th-27th 2010
  • Intermediate Meeting Rome, March 23th-25th 2010
  • ESSnet Workshop Stockholm, 31 May 2010
  • Final Meeting Luxembourg 18 October 2010
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