Consistency (MBGA3) - project description

The Work Package 3 “Characteristics and definitions” is part of the ESSnet “Consistency of concepts and applied methods of business and trade-related statistics”. The other two Work packages are: WP1 “Statistical Units” and WP2 “Target population, frames, reference period, classifications and their applications”.


The WP3 will investigate definitions and characteristics regarding turnover, intermediate consumption, employment, wages and salaries, labour costs, hours worked and also derived variables like value added and production.


Main objectives

The ultimate goal of this action is to provide proposals which – when implemented – will contribute to a decrease of current inconsistencies in the area characteristics and definitions regarding the area of business and trade statistics. Thus together with the results of the other Work packages of this ESSnet, the results should enable the Commission and the MS to set an important step in the achievement of an integrated system of economic and business statistics, and that, furthermore, this system is implemented in an integrated way with low costs and a minimum of response burden.


The main objectives of the action are:

  1. Inventory of the implementation of the definitions of characteristics as well as their operationalisation in Member States.
  2. Collect additional information in Member States
  3. Identification of inconsistencies
  4. Evaluation and assessment of inconsistencies
  5. Proposals of necessary adjustment
  6. Communication and dissemination


The WP3 is carried out under the coordination of Statistics Sweden by a partnership of eight NSIs (Estonia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland).