CO-CREATION-07-2017: Towards a new growth strategy in Europe - Improved economic and social measurement, data and official statistics - (a) Research and Innovation Action

Official publication


What is the call about?

The research aims to improve the availability and quality in the data on tangible and intangible investments, capital stock and the composition of labour inputs at industry level and/or firm level which in longer perspective qualifies for the endorsement from official statistics. Compilation of data on tangible and intangible investment categories within the existing asset boundary of the national accounts standards (SNA 2008/ESA 2010) need to be targeted and supplemented with national sources and other types of calculations. Creating new data for potentially relevant asset categories outside the current asset boundary at a detailed industry level need statistical work together with implementing strategies and novel approaches to minimise cost and burden of compiling. Piloting and proof of concepts can be useful. All efforts to improve data availability and quality need to be consistent with the current statistical classification of economic activities (NACE Rev.2), National Accounts concepts, methodologies and quality criteria.

Which funding is foreseen?

Proposals requesting a contribution from the EU in the order of EUR 2 million.

Could official statistics expertise be a large part of the project team?

The project consortium could probably consist to a very large extent of official statistics research experts.

Which type of official statistics expertise would be needed?

  • Experts in National Accounts;
  • Domain experts in tangible and intangible investments and labour input;
  • Experts in quality and metadata;
  • Dtatistical methodologists;
  • Experts in statistical matching and record linkage.


The above information is based on a subjective assessment. The authoritative source of information concerning the call is available on the Participant portal. The authoritative source of information on the rules and procedures for submitting a proposal is the Participant portal.