CO-CREATION-07-2017: Towards a new growth strategy in Europe - Improved economic and social measurement, data and official statistics – (b) Coordination and Support Action

Official publication


What is the call about?

The coordination and support action should focus on the incorporation and alignment of new, possibly unofficial and unstructured, sources with established official statistics. It should build on the rich body of results in the alternative growth approaches, social, environmental and sustainable indicators, new consumption models and “Beyond GDP” domain – in consistency with National Accounts - covering both novel domains and non-traditional sources as well as innovative data collection approaches. It should incorporate a strong statistical methodological component focusing on obtaining consistency, representativity/social inclusion (in particular when innovative data collection methods are used) and measures of uncertainty. Piloting and proof of concept should be at the forefront. Disaggregation of statistics - geographically, or by other domains (e.g. identifying vulnerable population groups) - to provide greater insights and providing evidence allowing more focused policy decisions should be covered, as should metadata and other aspects of quality of statistics. At the same time data protection concerns should be addressed.

Which funding is foreseen?

Proposals requesting a contribution from the EU in the order of EUR 1 million.

Could official statistics expertise be a large part of the project team?

The project consortium could probably consist to a very large extent of official statistics research expertise, statistical methodologists and experts in national accounts and “beyond GDP” expertise.

Which type of official statistics expertise would be needed?

  • Small Area Estimation expertise could cover the geographical/domain disaggregation aspect;
  • Experts in data integration/consistency could cover the reconciliation between official statistics and new data sources;
  • Experts in metadata;
  • Experts in National accounts.


The above information is based on a subjective assessment. The authoritative source of information concerning the call is available on the Participant portal. The authoritative source of information on the rules and procedures for submitting a proposal is the Participant portal.