CO-CREATION-06-2017: Policy-development in the age of big data: data-driven policy-making, policy-modelling and policy-implementation – (b) Coordination and Support Action

Official publication


What is the call about?

The activities should aim at encouraging networking of relevant stakeholders and teams working in the area of data-driven policy-making and policy-modelling and to support constituency building. Following an assessment of the needs of public administrations, the multidisciplinary network will identify methods, tools, technologies and applications for their implementation in the public sector, taking into consideration activities also undertaken outside the European Union and considering specificities relevant to different policy domains of public activity. The activities will conclude with the outlining of a roadmap for future research directions.

Which funding is foreseen?

Proposals requesting a contribution from the EU in the order of 0.5  millions.

Could official statistics expertise be a large part of the project team?

The project consortium could probably consist of official statistics research to support  work of CO-CREATION-06-2017 action (a).

Which type of official statistics expertise would be needed?

See CO-CREATION-06-2017 action (a).


The above information is based on a subjective assessment. The authoritative source of information concerning the call is available on the Participant portal. The authoritative source of information on the rules and procedures for submitting a proposal is the Participant portal.