Clone of JOS special issue 34(4) with NTTS 2017 papers now published

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Do you want to increase your scientific footprint and learn about new techniques and methods for official statistics, and the impact of new technologies on statistical collection, production and dissemination systems? Then do not miss the opportunity of the conference on New Techniques and Technologies in Statistics (NTTS) 2019, which is now open for registration.

Thanks to the high quality of NTTS conference papers, they are frequently accepted in peer-reviewed publications. For instance, issue 31(2) of the Journal of Official Statistics was entirely dedicated to papers presented at NTTS 2013, and a total of 12 NTTS 2015 papers have been published in the Statistical Journal of the IAOS.

Now, Issue 34(4) of the Journal of Official Statistics on New Techniques and Technologies in Statistics has been published. We have the pleasure to announce that the eight articles of this special JOS issue are all based on papers presented at NTTS 2017, and we invite you to check out this special issue to learn more about process management, data integration, big data and dissemination of statistics in the form of expressions in natural language (as a complement to tables and figures).

Finally, we are pleased to announce that the Scientific Committee and the JOS Editorial Board have agreed to accept submissions to a new special issue of the JOS, based on papers presented at NTTS 2019. You may read about this and other NTTS 2019 publication opportunities on the NTTS 2019 website.

Best regards,
/The NTTS 2019 secretariat