Project description

This cluster project is a new approach to units, economic classifications and the links between them. It has four complementary main themes:

  • foundations;
  • linguistics and automated coding;
  • users' needs; and
  • identifying and making tools for classifying modern industries.

It deals with methodological, mathematical and practical research and development problems. Weaknesses in key EU classification systems undermine the quality of economic statistics and, consequently, the economic management of the EU . The project's outputs add value by improving the quality of economic statistics in all member states. Wide dissemination of results will be an integral part of the strategy. The project addresses fundamental issues of standardisation, a recognised EU policy area. It will make a significant contribution to the future development, simplification and harmonisation of the linked system of world classifications.


  • Construct model to describe structure/activities of businesses. EU member states' business registers can then use the model's information instead of a simple activity code. Various prototypes will be developed in support.
  • Establish/review user requirements for industrial classification systems, with options for implementing changes; develop/test demonstrator system for collection of activity classifications from businesses.
  • Define generic (language families)/specific language methods for full meaning recognition of classification descriptors, using local/global contexts to disambiguate words, word associations in sentences and the hierarchy of word weightings.
    An assessment/evaluation and a dissemination/implementation WP .