Citing ESSnet Big Data results

ESSnet Big Data has yielded different types of results, including formal deliverables (usually in the form of reports), experimental results, formulas and code (stored at dedicated GitHub repositories), presentations, ... This page provides guidance on how to refer to these various results in journal articles, reports and other publications, and in presentations.

ESSnet Big Data deliverables (reports)

ESSnet Big Data deliverables in the form of reports can be cited in the same format as similar article references, mentioning:

  • the author name(s), in the order appearing at the bottom of the first page of the deliverable, as the case may be accompanied by the affiliations, and the year;
  • the title, preferably linked to the pdf download of the deliverable on the Essnetbigdata website (!)
  • a (linked) reference to ESSnet Big Data II, mentioning it as a deliverable;
  • the date of the deliverable.


(to be modified in accordance with the style prescribed by the publisher)

B. Oancea (INS, Romania), M. Necula (INS, Romania), L. Sanguiao (INE, Spain), D. Salgado (INE, Spain) and S. Barragán (INE, Spain) (2019): Data Simulator - A simulator for network event data, Deliverable I2 of ESSnet Big Data II, 12 December 2019

Experimental statistics

Formulas and code on GitHub