The teams competed for the best application of big data providing an answer to the following challenge:

How can innovative solutions for data collection reduce response burden and enrich or replace the statistical information/data provided by the time use survey?

The challenge is not only limited to currently collected information but could also be extended to information needs that cannot be satisfied with existing methods. Your solution should be based on relevant data, statistical analysis and visualisation. You are also invited to establish links between various data sets and to identify and use other data sources beyond those currently at hand. The tool should integrate or at least consider the aspect of data quality for the analysis and visualisation. Your solution could extend statistical information to additional areas or intensify information on existing areas, such as:

  • social well-being,
  • work-life balance,
  • use of information and communication technologies,
  • mobility and travel,
  • physical activity,
  • social environment,
  • geographical context,
  • regularity and frequency of activities,
  • recognition and registration of episodes,
  • innovative time-space policy dashboards
  • informing on relevant SDGs
  • ...

Order of Presentation of the Results

Order   Cluster Country Organisation
1. 15 Sweden Statistics Sweden
2. 13 Slovenia Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SURS)
3. 3 Estonia Statistics Estonia
4. 16 United Kingdom  Office for National Statistics
5. 12 Romania Institutul National de Statistica
6. 5 Greece Hellenic Statistical Authority
7. 9 Netherlands Statistics Netherlands (CBS)
8. 10 Austria Statistics Austria
9. 4 Ireland Central Statistics Office
10. 6 Croatia Croatian Bureau of Statistics
11. 11 Poland Statistics Poland
12. 8 Latvia Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia
13. 14 Finland Statistics Finland
14. 7 Italy (ISTAT) Istat
15. 1 Czech Republic Czech Statistical Office
16. 2 Germany Statistisches Bundesamt (DESTATIS)
17. 17 Italy (EMOS) University of Pisa & Sant'Anna College of Pisa (EMOS)