CESS 2016 - selected papers

Selected papers from the 2016 Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders 

All CESS 2016 presenters have the opportunity to submit their full paper for publication in a special Statistical Working Paper (SWP) which will contain selected papers from the CESS 2016 conference.

Criteria for inclusion in the SWP 

  • Only papers corresponding to presentations which were effectively delivered at CESS 2016 may be submitted.
  • The maximum admissible length of your paper is 10 pages, including tables, figures, references and acknowledgements. (In case you have more lengthy material, you would have to make it available elsewhere (e.g. online) and link/refer to it from your paper)
  • All submissions will be the subject of a peer review by the CESS 2016 Scientific Programme Committee; submission is a necessary but not sufficient condition for publication.
  • Strict adherence to the SWP MS Word template is required. Formatting is your responsibility; if you fail to format your paper, it cannot be published in the SWP.
  • Linguistic quality is your responsibility, in case the paper needs to be proof-read in this regard, you have to arrange for this prior to submitting it.
  • From the Statistical Working Papers series standpoint, the submission of your paper is compatible with concurrent submission to a peer-reviewed scientific journal.
  • The deadline for submitting your paper is 31 December 2016.

Modalities for submission 

All submissions have to take place via the online submission interface.