Main objectives:  to investigate the current situation in Europe with respect to the application of SDC-methods. We plan to conduct a short survey and study the situation in a few selected countries in more depth.

  • to propose guidelines for the application of SDC-methods in practice. These guidelines will be based on the outcome of the previous survey, but also be based on the experiences of the participating countries. We have included the countries that are most active in the field of SDC in this CENEX.
  • The development of the ARGUS twins has been one of the most visible outcomes of the CASC project. They are being used already in several European countries. Via the survey we will also try to investigate which practical obstacles there still exist in the EU-countries to apply these methods. The ARGUS software is and will never be a black box that will guarantee the production of safe statistical data without the expertise of a subject matter SDC-specialist. So one the one hand side we must investigate the practical obstacles (different production tools/production software, etc), but also we must educate researchers in the NSI’s in the field of SDC. So we will also teach a course on SDC during this CENEX. To further raise the awareness of SDC, a concluding conference at the end of this CENEX is planned.
  • List of topics that will need our attention in the years after this CENEX.



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