Project description

The main goal of the BISER project is to define, develop and pilot a set of statistical indicators for benchmarking the progress of European regions in respect of the eEurope Initiative and the emerging Information Society. This requires to ensure that the eEurope Regions Indicators are reliable, fully comparable, based on real life, rich in information, responsive to dynamic change, cost-effective to construct and easily used in policy development and decision-making at all levels. In doing so, BISER will seek close co-operation with official statistical offices. BISER will take full account of existing statistical concepts and data sources and make every effort to ensure the newly developed indicators are taken up by official statistics agencies. The expected outcome is to provide a detailed picture of IS development at regional level across the EU, as a means to help the EU profit from the enormous potential for achieving EU policy goals at regional level, especially in terms of social cohesion and regional development.