Big Data Event 2014


The ESS Big Data event, organised by Eurostat was held in Rome (Italy) 31 March-1 April 2014.

Final report

The final report of the event is available here:




The final programme is available online at


The event included expert lectures on the themes:

  • Opportunities and methodological challenges of Big Data for official statistics
  • Big Data technologies and platforms for official statistics

as well as highly interactive parallel sessions aiming to tackle issues identified in the Scheveningen Memorandum regarding topics such as:

  • strategic programming and planning
    How to elaborate a transition plan to integrate Big Data in Official Statistics production
  • learning, development and Human Resources
    How to elaborate university curricula for tomorrow's Data Scientists? How to train today's statisticians and IT specialists so as to make them prepared to cope with the data deluge?
  • IT
    which platforms are useful for managing Big Data for official statistics
  • methodology